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Key (2015)

Some unpolished, most tarnished.

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Ominous Ride


Starting way back in 1971, Ominous Ride has produced 26 records and another 122 (b-side) singles, none of which have been released due to overseas threats. We have gone through numerous line up changes throughout the years, but it seems the gods of human decency have had enough: Bassist, Mervin Spleen fell to a still-unidentified intestinal disease, and lead Guitarist, Vernon "Tree Frog" McJohnson, and Drummer, Ben Cackhammer were devoured by alpacas while on safari. It's only me now, carrying on the OR name, praying that the voices in my head will help me write a few more songs.

Vincent Black Shadow, Mervin Spleen, Vernon "Tree Frog" McJohnson, Ben Cackhammer, Erik Fetler



Completed Albums


Some unpolished, most tarnished.

White Rose   Download
After Happily Ever After   Download
Jonesing   (preferred)   Download
Waiting For Julietta   Download
Poser   Download
2-Minute Meltdown   Download
Teddy   Download
Open Your Fire   Download
Nothing   Download
I'm Feeling Down   Download
Slacker   Download
The Story   Download
Urbanite   Download